Activist update

By Robert Wright, Jun 28 2020

Back when this newsletter was called Mindful Resistance, we created a discussion group in the Insight Timer meditation app under the same name. (The group is still there, and sporadically active, though you have to do some searching to find it.) One of the members undertook the radical initiative of organizing a group of mindful resisters that met in actual physical space—but not to discuss things, just to meditate. Well, it turns out that, lo these many years later, the group is still at it. So if you find yourself in Providence, Rhode Island, you can join a sitting on Monday or Friday at 8:30 a.m. alongside the Blackstone Boulevard running path, near Brookway Road. The group no longer posts the Mindful Resistance sign, but you shouldn’t have much trouble distinguishing them from other people in the area. They’ll be the ones sitting down with their eyes closed.

And speaking of such people: Another member of the Insight Timer discussion group recently drew our attention to a larger gathering of meditators. Sundays at 10 a.m., in  Herbert Von King Park in Brooklyn, people have been gathering under the rubric “meditate for black lives.” If you want to be apprised of the group’s future events, just go here and sign up for its newsletter.

Illustration by Nikita Petrov.

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